CFA Rampant Colt T-Shirt in Parchment

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Size: X-Small
Short Sleeve Crew Tee

Back Length 26.5" 27" 27.5" 28.25 29" 29.75"
Chest 20" 21" 22" 23.5" 25" 26.5"
Sleeve Length 8.25" 8.5" 8.75" 9" 9.25" 9.5"
Shoulder Width 16.25" 17" 17.75" 18.62" 19.5" 20.38"
Fit: Slim

A nod to all things Colt.  The rampant colt motif a throwback to our founders family name, CFA in old english font pays homage to Sam Colts first company and patent 138 was for the invention of the revolving cylinder for the revolver.

This is our slim "muscle t" silhouette which is slightly tighter across the chest with shorter sleeves and body than our Standard fit.

  • Made in USA

    This item is currently being produced. Expected ship date is in early May. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    About the CFA Rampant Colt T-Shirt in Parchment

    Sunfaded Colors

    In an ode to Colts tremendous history in the Old West we have added an element of vintage in the collection. For the t-shirts and sweatshirts we are offering base colors with a “sunfaded” distressing finished by hand. Executed to perfection in California these garments are unique and have a vintage look and feel.

    Historical motifs

    Colt has an incredibly rich history of branding, logos and graphics. Sam Colt was one of the first in the world to recognize the power of the brand name and from the early days of his endeavor used the Colt name and image in revolutionary ways. A four-headed colt motif can be seen inlaid on some of the earliest arms that were produced in Col. Colts first factory in Patterson New Jersey.

    Famous Customers

    Colt men are made, not born. Over the past 187 years Colt has built soldiers, cowboys, outlaws and gangsters. The spirit of these men is present in every aspect of the collection and used as our inspiration for the brand. Learn More