Eagle & Flag Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Sunfaded Blue

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Size: Extra Small
Short Sleeve Crew Tee

Back Length 26.5" 27" 27.5" 28.25 29" 29.75"
Chest 20" 21" 22" 23.5" 25" 26.5"
Sleeve Length 8.25" 8.5" 8.75" 9" 9.25" 9.5"
Shoulder Width 16.25" 17" 17.75" 18.62" 19.5" 20.38"
Fit: Standard

A one of a kind t-shirt with Sam Colt's original patent number for the revolving cylinder, Patent 138,  on the front chest and a Civil War era eagle and flag on the back in sun faded blue. Artisans create the sun faded look by hand, each piece is unique.  

Every design featured on this shirt is based on Colt's incredible history.  Colt has strong roots in the Civil War, the eagle carries a flag with stars and red stripes and holds a banner in its beak.  Made from 100% Cotton with a distressed garment-dyed antique finish.

This fit is our Standard fit T which is more forgiving through the chest with a longer length of the body and the sleeves.

As always Made in America.


This item is currently being produced. Expected ship date is in early April. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Eagle & Flag Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Sunfaded Blue

Rampant Colt

Sam Colt was an innovator in many ways, he was among the first to harness the power of the brand name and image. For example, Colt used a four-headed colt image inlaid into the first pistols he ever made in Patterson New Jersey. He began developing the idea of the Colt as a representation for the brand. As his ideas of the colt imagery grew so did the size of his business and the opportunity to use them at scale. There are literally hundreds of colt images that have been uses as engravings, letterhead, stamps and even as the lead image on the stock certificates of the 1940s.

Colt Signature

Fortunately for us Sam Colt had great penmanship. The signature we use comes directly from a letter that exists which he signed and dated. There are many such documents and on every one his signature is just as crisp and clean. This signature started the thread of authenticity that weaves throughout Colt Manufacturing.

Colt logos through time

  • 1832 Four-headed reverse horse head design
  • 1836-42 Colt in walking or running position
  • 1864 Rampant Colt as we know it used on the dome of the Colt factory in Hartford, CT