Estate Jacket in Olive Ventile

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Size: Small
Estate Jacket

Back Length 30.5" 31" 31.5" 32.25 33" 33.75"
Chest 21" 22" 23" 24.5" 26" 27.50"
Sleeve Length 25.5" 25.75" 26.5" 26.5" 27" 27.25"
Shoulder Width 17.25" 18" 18.75" 19.62" 20.5" b21.38"
Color: Olive

Inspired by our Western heritage, the Colt Estate Jacket is filled with details, design and functionality. The bi-swing or "shooting" back sleeves with a shoulder gusset allows for a great range of motion.  The hidden "poachers pocket" in the back of the coat allows for discreet storage of any contraband you might have. WWII inspired shank buttons feature crossed Peacemakers with cotter pin attachment.

The Ventile fabric is incredible.  Made from 100% cotton fabric is water-repellent, wrinkle resistant and ready for your next adventure. The magic is in the way the cotton fibers are twisted, the warp thread is twisted tightly while the weft is more loose, when moisture hits the garment the loose cotton thread swells creating a naturally water repellent outer layer.  Ventile was invented for use by RAF pilots during WWII and worn by many of the great modern day explorers.

Made in the USA from 100% Cotton Ventile fabric, naturally waterproof and breathable.

Available in 3 colors: Olive, Navy & Tan.


This item is currently being produced. Expected ship date is in early April. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Estate Jacket in Olive Ventile

Quality Construction and Details

Colt garments are packed with details and unique characteristics. The snaps and rivets on our jeans and western shirts are to the same specification as the Colt 45 shell. The antiqued hardware features the Colt name as well as the year Sam Colt founded his first factory 1936. The smaller pocket rivets are the size of a 9mm round.

We believe in quality construction and not letting you down that is why the gussets of our shirts are reinforced with a wrap-around gusset patch to make it nearly impossible to split the seam.

Specialty Fabrics

Our fabrics are top of the line too. The fabric for our Coaches Jackets for example, comes from a top supplier to the US military. The denim we use is woven down in Louisiana, just outside New Orleans.

We also get technical, for our Barn jacket we are using a Ventile cloth which is a 100% cotton fabric woven with a particular spin in the yarn. When dry the garment is breathable, but as soon as the bottom becomes moist these same gaps are filled with the cotton and it becomes water tight.

In the Movies

Model 1911's in the Movies:

  • Three Days of the Condor ( Robert Redford)
  • Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart)
  • Rambo (Sylvester Stylone)
  • Wonder Woman (Chris Pine)
  • The Great Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • The Getaway (Steve McQueen)
  • G.I. Blues (Elvis Presley)